Video: Best Sunsets From Around The World

Friday, July 30, 2010

French traveler and budding filmmaker, Romain Corraze, at age 23, graduated school, packed up his bags, and headed out into the world for a year. During his trip, he ended up visiting over 31 countries in six different continents (everyone forgets to stop in Antarctica), and, like any true romantic (I bet this guy gets all the girls), he shot video of sunsets from all around the world, resulting in the above video.

These solar events come from 18 of those countries, including: U.S.A., India, Cambodia, Colombia, China, Russia, Thailand, Argentina, Chile, Mongolia, Nicaragua, Mexico, Hong Kong, Australia, Vietnam, Guatemala, Belgium, and France. Of these, I have to say, my favorite comes at 1:57, which takes place in Angkor, Cambodia.

You can see Romain’s other videos at his Vimeo page or at his blog,

  • Ahaha thanks Matt ! I wouldn't say I get all the girls but I have to admit it helped in the past :)

    Thanks for sharing and hopefully next time I'll shot something in Antartica !

  • Watching the sunset from Isla Palenque in Panama's Gulf of Chiriqui is truly incredible, too! The many islands that scatter the water is a perfect foreground.

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