Bourdain: 1, Beirut: 1; It’s All Tied Up

Monday, August 23, 2010

You got sick on your trip, you lost your passport, your flight got canceled, etc. . . . These are all good yarns for when you get back home, but how many people can say they have had a war break out in the country while they were visiting? Tony can, but let’s be honest, those odds are little higher when you spend most of the year traveling.

Tonight, “No Reservations” heads back to Beirut, Lebanon, to start off where they began three years ago when Israeli missiles starting dropping all around them and they had to skip town on an American warship. Restaurants included in tonight’s episode include Le Chef Restaurant (where they went last time), Chez Maguy in the town of Batroun (just north of Beirut), and Massaya Vineyard where it appears Tony shares a bottle of vino with, naturally, some hipster Lebanese (although, if you’re going to go to a vineyard, a yellow fedora does make sense, doesn’t it?).

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