Tales From Backpackers On The Road

Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday, late August, cool summer breezes . . . um, why are you sitting here reading this site? Oh yeah, that pesky day job. First off, thanks, come again. Second, let’s be honest, by this time of day you’ve already checked out mentally a long time ago, so to give you a little bit of virtual wanderlust, I direct you to the Guardian’s recent collection of backpacking tales from trekkers during a gap year (that’s British for taking a year off and traveling before joining the real world and going to school or getting a job).

These seven tales of adventure include  a 9,000-mile journey by bike to India, volunteering at a HIV/AIDS orphanage in Cambodia, and hitchhiking (using Gumtree.com) from England to Israel. But beware, the whole hitchhiking thing can present some problems for those looking to really get to know the countries their traveling through, as that hitchhiker found out. “In some cars, especially after a night spent camping just off the hard-shoulder, my head would droop and 12 hours later I’d wake to realize I’d missed an entire country (sorry Slovakia, Bulgaria and northern Israel), but the further east I went, the more unfamiliar the scenery became and the more often my eyes would stay open.”

[Hamburg bitte by rpb1001/Flickr]

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