The Expeditioner’s “Animals Of The World” August Photography Contest Winner

Thursday, September 2, 2010

This month’s contest theme stood out as soon as we ironed out our schedule. The world is full of wonder, and certainly the animal kingdom is one source of endless awe. That being said, we would like to congratulate Kimondo as this month’s winner, for the dramatic shot titled: “Thirsty Elephants.” Here’s what she had to share about the shot:

We were traveling in our jeep with rooftent to experience the real, wild Africa. It took us 5 weeks and about 7,700 kilometers. After the first two-and-a-half weeks we ended up on this little, wobbly boat on the Chobe River. The sun was casting her last rays for the day and everywhere we looked were giraffes, baboons and elephants. This big herd on the photo came down to the river to have drink and rinse of the dust of the day. A real African moment and one to never forget!

Matt described the photo as “simply spectacular,” and Maria as “exquisite.” Brit, on the other hand, took a deeper approach, “their reputation of having an incredible memory makes me wonder about wonderful things.” Regardless, I think we all agree that a photo and moment such as this, as Kimondo explains, is “one to never forget.”

You can see more of Kimondo’s excellent work at her Flickr page. Our next theme, throughout September, will be another visual spectacular. Join our Flickr group and upload your shots of “The World’s Icons.” We look forward to seeing more incredible talent!

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