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Friday, September 3, 2010

A poem from iPoems for the Dolphins to Click Home About

For those who wish to stand before the horizon and smile at its attainability, for those who desire to enter the culture of the world, to walk in the paths of past kings, to fluently speak the language of the world, to dream the dreams of children, to stand before mountains, uncertain only of which to cross, to not be held by constraints that bind those unable to dream as fully and experience as richly the opulence of life, to flood the mind with the waters of every sea, to drink the wines of far off lands, and gaze into the eyes of truth, to not be bound by native language, native tongue, to kiss enchantment and revel in the kindness of strangers promising to repay that kindness to the world, to wonder, to dream, to remember, to forget, to question, to understand, to learn, to realize, and to come aware of life, to be so immersed in the rains of a different sky that the old trivialities of the former self become a laughing matter, to walk through lavish cities on the road to the simplest villages, to meet both success and failure without paying either’s toll, to sleep with a smile knowing that the day past was truly life, was truly lived, there is always a waiting road . . .

By Luke Armstrong


About the Author

LukeArmstrongLuke Maguire Armstrong lives in Guatemala directing the humanitarian aid organization, Nuestros Ahijados. His book of poetry, iPoems for the Dolphins to Click Home About (available for sale on is especially enjoyed by people who “don’t read poetry.” (@lukespartacus)

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