How To Avoid Bedbugs While Traveling

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hi roomie, I brought back a [insert prized gift here] form my trip to [insert country here]. Also, for good measure I also brought the house some bedbugs! Okay, this is never good, but is becoming all to common for many travelers. But what can you do? Avoid hostels? News flash — hotels are increasingly infected as well. Short of sleeping in a latex cocoon, there are a few things, as pointed out by Budget Travel recently, you can do and look out for to avoid the critters.

First, keep an eye and nose our for them. Do your best CSI and do the one thing you normally never want to do in a hotel: closely examine the mattress. Check the folds of the mattress and headboards for brown-gray stains (this is where they’re defecating!). Keep an eye out for blood spots (this is where the prior sleeper crushed a freshly stuffed one!). Also, be aware of a sweet smell, a sign of an infestation.

And how to avoid bringing them back home? Keep your bags and suitcases far from their likely habitat, the bed, and keep them locked away in cabinets and off the floor. Also, do a once-over of your luggage before you go, keeping an eye out for the little guys. If you suspect you may have come into contact, do a thorough laundry wash before you leave, making sure to use hot water and detergent followed up by throwing your clothes in the dryer on low heat for at least 20 minutes (which should kill them all).

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