Move Over Picasso, Here Comes Shrek

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Paramount Pictures recently announced that it will be opening its very first theme park in Murcia, Spain, in what can surely be considered a vast improvement to a country where, let’s face it, there’s really not a lot to see there anyway. As it is, Spain only attracts 52.2 million people a year (third in the world) who inexplicably flock to the country see a bunch of old paintings, worn buildings, and boring cities.

What can one expect from a Paramount theme park about 4 hours southeast from Madrid on the Mediterranean coast? According to their announcement, “Paramount Pictures is responsible for many hundreds of household name films such as Grease, Crocodile Dundee, Wayne’s World, Forrest Gump, Mission Impossible, Star Trek, Lara Croft, Shrek and Transformers.” Who needs El Greco, Goya, Picasso, Miro and Dali when you can have Paul Hogan, Spock and Danny Zuko?

Though details about the park, including timescales and the exact site, are yet to be determined, Pedro Alberto Cruz, the regional councillor for Culture and Tourism in Murcia, in an obvious nod to the countries storied history was quoted as saying, “it is the most important project undertaken in the region ever.” No really, he said that.

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