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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It’s funny, but a look over at that handy sidebar widget thingy on the right side of the site shows the most popular stories of the day (as determined by clicks), and one that keeps popping up there was one of our recent posts on which countries you can travel the longest through the longest on a modest budget. Which brings me some comfort: turns out, the rest of the (or at least those who read this site), are just as cheap as me. (Or another way to put it: the less I spend on a trip, the sooner I can do it again.)

Which is why I direct you to Lonely Planet’s post on some of the best countries in the world that can still be traveled cheap. Understandably, many Asian countries crop up on their list, including Laos, Nepal, India and Indonesia.

What I think is more interesting is some of their picks that many budget (that sounds better than cheap now doesn’t it?) travelers may want to take a look at. Jordan, for example, where rooms run$5 a night, and meals are likely not to run over $3. Combine that with ancient ruins and amazing sights and you’re already checking flights online. Other suggestions include Honduras, Poland, Morocco (away from the touristy sections), Sudan and Iran where you can expect to “see the wonders of the ancient world without a tour group in sight” (all for only $25 a day).

[image by Peter Ward/Flickr]

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