The Neverending Honeymoon

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I met Bessie and Kyle at this year’s Travel Blog Exchange conference here in New York this summer, and have been meaning to write about them and their incredible trip for a while now. I know, that was over two months ago, things got  a little busy, okay? Anyway, what I gleamed from Kyle as we drank bottles of Singha while watching the Argentina v. Mexico World Cup match, was that he and his wife like to travel a bit and they’ve been doing it for a while. The thing you have to know about Kyle: he’s a modest guy.

The truth is, Bessie and Kyle, as you can read about on their site, have actually been on the road for almost three years (960 days to be exact as of date of this post), and have traveled through 21 countries constituting 70,096 miles. How does a trip like this one start? Lots of planning, saving, and procrastination, right? Wrong. Per Bessie: “The day we met, Kyle asked me to go with Puerto Rico with him. I knew we were meant to be. In a few years time, we started some major traveling savings, got married, and in Jan 2008, took off with one-way tickets to Guatemala.”

They also write a blog, they make videos (like the one above from their trip to the Gastronomic Festival in Juayua, El Salvador), and they also give back a lot by volunteering. They’re currently in Chiang Mai, and knowing them they’ll probably be in the region for a while. Hopefully they’ll at least make it back for the next World Cup. Kyle also just e-mailed me a helpful hint this morning: when in Thailand, wear mosquito repellent, dengue fever is not fun to have. You’ve been warned by the experts.

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