The End Of An Era: An Ode To My Camera

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

6 years — 10 countries — 2 careers — hiking boots, canoes, bikes, kayaks, ski boats, skis, snowmobiles, horses — 100,000’s of shots — 2 contest victories — 3 automobiles — Rivers, Mountains, Lakes, Oceans — 4 backpacks — Airplanes, Ferries, Junk boats, Jeepneys, tuk tuks — subways, buses, trains, boats — 3 Olympic venues — bike trips, road trips, ski trips, float trips, climbing trips — weddings, funerals, graduations, babies, sports — National Parks, Provincial Parks, Marine Parks, park parks — Volcanoes, islands, valleys, summits, beaches — bungalows, tents, hostels, car trunks,  under the stars, mountain huts — 47 states — 3 continents — and 10 seconds of silence in remembrance as you tumbled through the air over 200 feet off of Signal Rock.

I will miss you, Sony DSC-H10.

  • Jon

    I very rarely dabble in the mountains alone, in the case if I were ever the one to 'tumble through the air over 200 feet off of Signal Rock.' I stole this pic from another camera that was on the trip – looks like I'm in the market for an upgrade.

  • TheExpeditioner

    Rough, but it begs the question, who took that picture?

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