A Tour Of The Best Malaysian Dishes

Monday, September 27, 2010

Given the fact that Malaysia is made up of mainly Malays, Chinese and Indians — three of some of the best food cultures in the world — it’s not surprising that a trip to the country will likely turn out to be one long, unforgettable gastro-fest. To test out this theory a summer expat, Karen Pinchin, recently partook in a summer feeding frenzy and submitted this story to Gadling, consisting of her memories of eating her way through the country.

This included everything from eating fish curry mixed with bread for breakfast, heading to lunch in an open-air food market in Taman Tun for some char kway teow — a pad thai-like dish with caramelized noodles — and asam laksa, a “a spicy fish gravy soup with chewy shrimp cake, round udon noodles and hunks of tart pineapple, with a dusting of cilantro, peanuts and dried anchovies,” and even having  a dinner feast with an actual princess. For this meal they ate “stuffed, grilled fish, at least five of them, alongside metal plates filled with curries, vegetables, and a strangely scented green pod called petai (or, as we found out later, ‘stinky beans’) that was mixed with the chef’s own belachan. This latter concoction was a blend of chillies and dried shrimp paste that, even today, makes my heart beat faster.”

I just ate a burrito from Chipotle and then read this article and got sad. I think I need to get to Malaysia.

[photo by malaysianyc/flickr]

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