How To Choose A Seat To Survive A Plane Crash

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Are you one of those people that takes the time to pick and choose their seats when booking a flight? Want to find out which seat is best for you depending on your needs? (I’m a window guy myself — usually for sleeping on.) ABC News has some things to keep in mind when doing so, like suggesting the front of the plane as the best choice for those with nausea issues (there’s less turbulence up front, not to mention fewer bathrooms). The best part? They point out you’re more likely to survive a plane crash sitting up front! (Is this because, as we saw in “Lost,” that the back half of the plane usually breaks off and falls into the ocean in extreme turbulence?)

They also point out how — if you’re not getting charged extra for the privilege — seats at the emergency rows and bulkhead offer more leg room. Also, check out who you’re flying with before springing for the “priority” seating, some airlines will offer the same seats at the same price, you just don’t get to board first.

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