Statue’s Genitals: New York City’s Best Meeting Spot?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Who knew that New York City’s hottest meeting spot would be one highly discolored genital region of a giant statue by Colombia’s most famous artist? The NYT recently headed to the Time Warner Center at Columbus Circle — a central location for visitors and residents alike — to check out what has emerged as one of the city’s most convenient meeting spots (one could say it sticks out?).

Located just inside the entrance way to the indoor mall are two Botero statues; both about 12 feet tall, one a man, one a woman. One gets a few pictures taken of it and is generally ignored, the other gets rubbed constantly by hundreds of people a day and serves as the best meeting spot in New York this side of 42nd Street. Guess which one is which?

“If nothing else, Adam offers visitors to the mall an unmissable landmark. Jack Kelly, a man in his 60s from West New York, N.J., said that he regularly met a friend at Time Warner Center. When they make their plan, do they say, ‘Meet me at the Botero’? No. Do they say, meet me beneath a certain part of the sculpture? Yes . . . ‘We never get lost,’ Mr. Kelly said.”

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