Matador Network Launching Magazine (Print That Is)

Friday, October 29, 2010

Lately there were some hushed rumors going around the underworld that is the travel blogging world, and today we got confirmation. Exciting news over at Matador with the announcement today that the travel site/portal/social networking thing-a-ma-jig that is Matador is launching a print magazine that will be called BETA Mag.

Per editor David Miller, “From the earliest days of Matador, my dream has been to see our stories in print, to craft stories worthy of printing. I’ve wanted a magazine. I could almost see it, cover wrinkled, smudged, sitting on top of a mantle in a hospedaje in Buenos Aires, at a kayak shop in Salida, in a friend’s garage. It’s something you’d find not on the internet, but at ground level.”

And if you needed a really reason why they started one, “[W]e’ve never seen a travel magazine as fucking good as we know there could be.” Why don’t you tell us how you really feel?

And for you budding travel writers out there, this means a new paying (you read that right) gig. You can read their submission guidelines here. And if you were wondering, looks like they’ll be paying 50 cents a word (articles from 5 to 3,500 words).

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