October’s “Adventure Travel” Photo Contest Winner

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

This month’s contest winner brings back memories for some of us at The Expeditioner. With Matt recently back from his escapades through Cambodia and Vietnam, he can vouch for me when I say that routine travel in SE Asia can, in it of itself, be considered “adventure travel” in the most literal of terms. This fantastic shot was taken by Phong in Hoi An, Vietnam. It sounds like quite the moment:

I got caught in a storm and had to take cover under a local store in Nhi Trung St. alleyway. As I sat there, I pulled out the camera and just took a shot. I got to say sitting in the storm was just the most amazing thing . . . the thunder rumbling through my body in a foreign land and the light show . . . words cannot describe . . .

We understand. Not often does a photograph make me feel like unleashing a “whoop” onto this coffee shop, but this white-knuckle motorcycle ride definitely does.

More of Phong’s amazing photos of his trips can be found at his Flickr photostream. Honestly, check them out — they’re enough motivation to tolerate a bad case of jet lag in Vietnam.

Next month’s photo contest is already up and running on The Expeditioner Flickr page. We are looking forward to seeing the pageantry and spectacle of . . . “World Festivals.” Click here for the thread and post away!

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