Around The World, One Day At A Time . . .

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What if you decided to start a travel blog about that epic trip you’re taking around the world, documenting the people you meet, the crazy border crossings you do, and the wild food you eat. But what happens if you keep putting it off, intending to get going with it, but just getting a little too busy with the whole enjoying-the-trip part of your journey to actually sit down and record your days?

Well, you can do what Justin Harper did, errr, is doing: start the blog when you get back home, writing about it one day at a time, exactly one year later (or close to it), with the luxury of foresight, electricity, and high-speed internet to up the quality of the blog.

His blog, 101 days into his 365-day overland (read: no planes) trip, finds him in Tibet this week, experiencing the oddness of having Chinese border guards rip out pages from his Lonely Planet (got to get rid of those pesky references to Taiwan), and finding out that lunch (yak soup) is made up of an animal whose field-mates are out back enjoying the product of the restaurant’s outhouse. Ahh, the joys of travel.

What do you think, post-trip blogs a good idea? A smart way to allow you to enjoy the trip without wasting precious travel time at an internet cafe? A recipe for hyperbolic exaggeration, a sure by-product of foresight and well-meaning when one looks back at the past through rose-tinted glasses? A good read? I’d say, all of the above.

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