“World Festivals” November Photo Contest Winner: A Carnival Starlet

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What is not to love about Carnival? Let’s be real, if Carnival lasted 365 days a year, we would all live in a better place. Fortunately, for Gabriela Bhaskar, she had her camera in hand for the San Francisco version of Rio’s greatest gift to the world: the Carnival parade. Honestly, Gabriela, you had us at “thonged bottoms.” In her own words:

I brought my camera along hoping to get a few shots here and there. The crowd was so insane that all I kept getting were backs and thonged bottoms. Then, I came to see this lady having the time of her life. It was the moment I was waiting to catch: the smile on her face, the motion of her arms, and the little glimpse of skin and gaudy costume that makes Carnival so epic.

Congratulations, Gabriela, your epicness is our World Festival photo contest winner! To check out all her other fantastic shots, head to her Flickr photostream. We recommend spending a few hours among her photo collections—they may inspire a few plane tickets.

Calling all photographers! We’re already accepting submissions for our Christmas-themed December photo contest. The snow is falling, the tinsel is already hung around TheExpeditioner.com’s world headquarters, and we can’t wait for the jolly ol’ fat man to arrive. That being said, gather up your holiday photos and head over to our Flickr page— join us if you haven’t yet—and submit your shots in of “Christmas Around the World.” A word of advice: no thonged Santas.

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