The World’s Greatest Carry-On Bag

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I happened to be sifting through my daily pile of e-newsletters when a small piece of information caught my eye: 5 lbs. This weight was in reference to the FlightWise 22-inch carry-on luggage available through Land’s End. That might not sound like a post-worthy travel tidbit, but considering it is nearly half the weight of a standard carry-on and you’re looking at the ability to pack a few more pairs of Havana shorts between your black socks and sandals, you’ll be glad for the tip.

So in the spirit of last-minute Christmas shopping, I wanted to share with you, the reader, this bad boy that may look unassuming, but in reality is the Chuck Norris of carry-ons, with its construction of 600 denier ballistic ripstop polyester lined in 210D polyester. If the $169.50 price tag is a bit much for you, keep in mind how much you’ll save in $50 checked-baggage fees, as well as the glowing stares of admiration from fellow passengers as you load the plane. Plus, it comes with a full clear plastic travel kit, so you’re not donating all your toiletries to TSA purgatory.

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