2010 In Review: Editor Luke Maguire Armstrong’s Picks, Tips, & 2011 Travel Predictions

Friday, December 17, 2010

The third of five installments of “The Expeditioner’s 2010 In Review” series comes from co-editor Luke Maguire Armstrong. With nearly all his posts comes this disclaimer: we take no responsibility of the consequences resulting from accepting any tips offered. However colorful, Luke presents numerous insights, as well as exposing his softer side:

Your 2010 travel?

England, Prague, France, Morocco, Spain, Honduras, Boston, Portland, Saint Louis, New York, Minneapolis, Spokane, and some pretty fun trips to different Mayan villages scattered across Guatemala . . . oh, and the Vancouver airport, since traveling domestically in the U.S. apparently sometimes involves going to Canada.

Any tips learned along the way in 2010?

I learned that you can use a Nalgene bottle to break a cab’s window if that taxi is in the act of stealing your backpack. Also, not to get all soft on everyone, I learned what it was like to really miss someone left behind on a trip. Falling into love really is the ultimate trip, but when that person is not able to come with you, it makes the distance between you and the person you love a lot more difficult.

Possible Destinations for 2011?

Well, according to the Mayan calendar, it’s our last full year before the world ends, so I want to make it count. I think I would consider it a good year if I could make it over to Asia. I’ve never been, so I feel like I need to get there to graduate as a traveler. I’m also really interested in Eastern religions and sweet and sour pork, so I think a trip over there would be gastronomically enlightening.

Sensei Luke, any predictions for the world of travel?

I just read that Chernobyl is apparently going to be a tourist destination. I can’t wait to read some pieces from people who go there. I hope that the exciting trend I see amongst this generation of travelers continues. People are not only traveling, but they are seeing how they can use their trips to help out their destination country. Green travel, sustainable travel, philanthropic travel; whatever you call it, I think it’s just going to continue to grow, and that’s exciting.

[Photo taken in Chefchaouen, Morocco by Luke Maguire Armstrong]

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