Travel Video Fans: A Festival For You

Monday, January 10, 2011

Ever think to yourself, “If I go to one more film festival where I have to listen to Redford ramble on about how scared he was to jump off that cliff in Sundance, I’m going to jump out of a chairlift!” Then this is for you.

This June 19, 2011, Brooklyn — that humble little borough in New York where indie bands make songs for hipster car commercials — will play host to the first ever Nomading Film Fest, a festival for the travel video-making set.

Travel films — up to 15 minutes long — will be voted on by the audience in each of five categories including:

1) The trip I wish I was on
2) The trip I’m glad I wasn’t on
3) The nomad(s) I want to travel with
4) The most enlightening trip
5) Simply put, that trip makes me want to travel, now!

If you submit your video before January 31, submission price is only $10, those after that date and until the deadline of April 30 must shell out $20 (10% will be going to charity).

Per their website
, the festival is looking for “authentic non-fictional travel experiences . . . You can film vistas, animals, weird people, yourself, locals, tourists and anything and everything else. The point is to engage and explore in whatever manner you so choose. When you leave your comfort zone and you get the camera rolling,amazing thing tend to happen.”

Tip: leave the Christmas videos home. You traveling to the folks’ home is not likely going to win you a spot (unless they live somewhere cool, like, Chiang Mai, then by all means).

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