We Like “Stuff Expat Aid Workers Like” And You Will Too

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

With the popularity of the blog “Stuff White People Like” (and the related NY Times bestseller book), it was only a matter of time before the travel community got a blog lampooning them as well. Well, the time has come. I present to you: Stuff Expat Aid Workers Like. Okay, it’s not exactly aimed directly at travelers, but a read through shows it may just as well have been.

Take a look and tell me how many of these couldn’t be applied to the average backpacker around the world? Take #12 for example: Establishing Field Cred — a look at how expat workers work hard to establish their travel “cred.”

Another way to drop in hints that you’ve spent time “in the field” is to seek out participants who are not native English speakers and talk to them in a language other than English when people are around to hear you. You can also drop hints that you’ve got field cred by always pronouncing the names of cities and countries the way a local would (eg., Nee-ka-ra-wa instead of Nik-uh-rah-gwa).

Hmm, spend any time in Colombia or Southeast Asia and ask a backpacker how they pronounce Medellin or Laos and you’ll understand that one.

Or try #6: Tropical Diseases and Parasites.

You can’t call yourself a real Expat Aid Worker until you’ve suffered and lived to tell about your experience with a tropical disease or parasite that you don’t hear about much in your home country

Yup, I’m guilty of this one too.

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