What Day Are Airline Tickets Cheapest?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Surely predicting when airline tickets are the cheapest isn’t an exact science, is it? One couldn’t possibly say, with any level of particularity — given the Jurassic Park-esque chaos theory level of variables that must play into the setting of such prices — when exactly fares are the cheapest without finding themselves suddenly confronted with the prospect of a pair of hungry Velociraptors lunging at one’s jugular as a result of such a sacrilege effort.

Well, turns out there is a simple answer to when airline tickets are cheapest. The answer: Tuesday, 3 p.m., EST, or so says the non-dinosaur-fearing chief executive of FareCompare, Rick Seaney. “That’s when the maximum number of cheapest seats are in the marketplace,” he was quoted as saying in the WSJ shortly before a pair of revenge-driven Pterodactyls carried off his limp body into a Universal Studios backlot. You shall not be forgotten Mr. Seaney.

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