What Do You Think Of The Expeditioner’s Redesign?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

In case you haven’t noticed, things look a bit different here in The Expeditioner neighborhood. After a marathon session of coding and subsequent string of urgent “Help!” e-mails to various tech supports over the last 10 days or so, I can safely say that the redesign for the site is finished (for now). Goodbye square boxes and lots of manual HTML; hello rounded edges, cross-platform compatibility and automated sidebar widgets!

But seriously, the new site now features a fancy new, java-enabled feature article box, better to show off our weekly feature articles and to spotlight our commitment to providing quality, original travel content on the web written by some of the world’s best known and up-and-coming travel writers.

We’ve also cleaned up the daily blog portion of the site, making the text and pictures uniform in size and length, and, well, making things look just plain prettier down there.

We’ve also addressed some issues with the technical aspect of the site, allowing it to now look almost identical whether you log in via your home computer or on that Gates-era hostel computer with the barely functioning mouse.

Got any suggestions? Have some bones to pick about the new design? Hankering to ask me why I really want Exit Through the Gift Shop to win the Oscar for best documentary this year? Drop me an e-mail at: Matt.Stabile [at] TheExpeditioner.com.

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