The Fun Of Photography Is Getting There, And Peter Lik Is Going There

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

When you haven’t got any trips on the horizon and you’re reading posts about recent trips to, say, Barcelona, you’ll seek out any means of escapism. Recently, I learned of a new show on The Weather Channel called From the Edge With Peter Lik about the acclaimed Australian photographer who documents his travels to shoot America’s most dramatic landscapes.

The network’s first endeavor into the realm of original shows debuted a few weeks ago at the end of March. The 13-episode season — airing Thursday evenings — will travel to such locales as Hawaii, the Grand Canyon, Puerto Rico and Alaska. The most recent episode was aired from the glory of my very own backyard, Glacier National Park.

Now, I realize what you’re thinking: Isn’t The Weather Channel generally aimed at the demographic that includes Grandma Wick in her rocking chair? However, it seems The Weather Channel is beginning an evolution away from the hordes of Al Roker morning-show junkies. By soliciting a photographer that resembles a bad-ass Fabio crossed with a camera-wielding Crocodile Hunter, this show looks to swoon both adventure-seeking males as well as the female, 18-30 year-old demographic (a goal shared by our own Luke Armstrong). And I’m sure there is some swooning going on.

Not just that, but From the Edge plucks traveler heartstrings by showcasing those unforgettable landscapes and moments of the transcendental beauty the world offers. We travel for all kinds of reason: adventure, food, spirituality, culture, school, even work. Regardless of your motivation — and location for that matter — we are searching for that particular moment when you become struck with insight. This can come in any form: praying to Mecca, jumping off cliffs, sharing a drink with a villager, orgasmic cuisine.

For Peter, this moment comes when a streak of sunshine erupts through a cloud or fresh snow on a tree branch frames El Capitan just perfectly. His enthusiasm and eloquence are a perfect vehicle to share the wonder of travel, weather, and photography with the world.

And his photographs . . . They not only stop the world, they will pause your world when you see them, they are truly that good. Let’s just hope, for our own good, that he never catches wind of The Expeditioner’s Flickr group. I’m not sure we would stand a chance in those monthly contests.

More information on the show, how to participate in viewer photography contests, and video clips of the show can be found here.

By Jon Wick


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