3 Tips For Scoring Cheap Airfare This Summer

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Airfarewatchdog.com creator George Hobica took to CNN this week to share some secrets on finding cheap airfares this summer. Despite rising fuel costs, hidden fees, and that pesky extra charge for having to ship two different animal crates for your pet Pomeranians (or, so I’ve heard), George has a few tips that may just allow you to find some pre-2011 prices.

Here are some highlights:

1) Airfare Alerts: Not surprising, coming from the guy that basically invented the concept, but he reminds future fliers to sign up for one, if not many, of the sites that offer alerts for deals (Yapta, AirfareWatchdog, etc . . . ). It takes seconds but may end up saving you hundreds in the end, especially these days with the volatility of prices.

2) Search Often: As I recently learned when I purchased a cross-Atlantic ticket for a fraction of the normal price, fares can fluctuate wildly depending on availability and God knows what other algorithms the airlines use. If you don’t like the price you see, check again in a few hours and every day thereafter. Chances are you’ll eventually catch the price on a dip.

3) Travel Early In The Week: Anyone who’s a budget travel junkie knows that the cheapest flights are almost always Monday through Wednesday. Be a little flexible with your planning and check those days of the week, and the hundreds you save will more than make up for the jetlag you experience when you head back to work on Tuesday.

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