8 Coffee Shops In Saigon You Need To Try

Friday, May 13, 2011

Travelers who’ve downed a cup of joe in Southeast Asia know that the stuff’s good — really good — but not like what you’re used to at home. Given the coffee’s brewed from extra-bold beans and served in a climate where the last thing you crave while you’re sweating through your shirt is a hot drink, the average cup there is served over ice and mixed with a healthy dose of condensed milk to make it a little more palpable. And for those looking for a little respite in the craziness that is Saigon, the LA Times put together this list of the top 8 coffeehouses in Saigon.

In putting together their list, they put a special emphasis on relaxation, naming such spots as Mien Dong Thao (pictured above) that features waterfalls and tropical plants in their backyard, and Niet Ban, a Buddhist-influenced cafe with soothing music and a koi pond. Oh, and don’t expect a to-go cup. I tried, and I after a little bit of “lost in translation,” I ended up in the street with a ceramic mug that I had just bought and a coffee vendor considering going into kitchenware sales.

By Matt Stabile



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    how to and won’t count up on the to-go beaker.

  •  Nice post, Matt. Headed to Saigon in a few weeks, so I will check as many out as a can and won’t count on the to-go cup.

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