How To Fly To Europe For Cheap

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Checking in this week with our new favorite cheapo travel airfare guru Rick Seaney, we found the economical soothsayer dispensing advise on travel to everyone’s favorite summer destination: Europe. In his recent article, Rick notes how baseline fees (gas, taxes, etc…) start at $523 right now, an amount already blowing most travelers’ budgets.

With this in mind, he recommends pinching pennies at every step of the way. Save up to $300 by avoiding non-stop flights, choose so-called midweek flight dates (Monday-Wednesday) to knock of another $80, and in what is probably the best advice: just don’t do it. Just don’t fly during summer, try the peripheral dates to score amazing deals.

If you’re able to, try to visit in late March/early April, or in late August/early September. From my own experience, not only will you save a ton on airfare, but hotels will be cheaper, crowds will have dissipated, and for the most part the weather will be milder, all making it a better trip in the end.

Next assignement Rick: Find me a cheap apartment in New York City.

  • Always
    go on a vacation on off peak seasons. That way airfares and hotel
    accommodations are much cheaper, and you also save yourself from enjoying
    the tourist spots of the country you are visiting.

  • It’s true, other seasons are much cheaper when flying to Europe (or just about anywhere it seems), but since I am often forced to fly during the summer, I found another money-saver: choose your aiport wisely. It seems that Heathrow has insane taxes when flying into there from the US or leaving there from the US (upwards of $200 easily). Germany is pretty bad with upwards of $100. France and Italy are much lower. So, check some different options if you are flexible with arrival and departure airport and you can save a lot – and there’s always the added benefit of seeing another city and taking a cheap European flight to get to your original destination.

    • Anonymous

      Great tip, it’s also worth mentioning that secondary airports often have lower fees too (which is why the low-cost carriers operate out of them), so it’s always worth making sure you’re looking at all airports. 

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