No Reservations In Cuba Tonight

Monday, July 11, 2011


Tonight, Tony heads to Cuba to kick off a new season of No Reservations (9 p.m. EST), where he talks baseball with the sports-obsessed locals and wolfs down some so-called “Sleeping Beans.” Not immune to the criticism that comes with an American traveling to Castro’s home, Tony has some words on his blog about moving past politics and enjoying the city for what it is.

Whatever your politics, however you feel about Cuba–look at tonight’s show and admit, at least, that Havana is beautiful. It is the most beautiful city of Latin America or the Caribbean. Look at the Cuban people and admit that they are proud and big hearted and funny and kind–and strong as hell, having put up with every variety of bullshit over the years. On these things, I hope we can agree.

And if you’re wondering what else is in store for the show this season, Tony answered some questions for the MSNBC travel blog where he talks about tracking the “Red Sauce” trail in Naples, and his excursion into Kurdistand, Iraq, where the food was, as he describes, “shockingly good.”

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