Groupon Getaways Landed Today (Insert Cricket Chirp)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

If you haven’t already noticed, Groupon’s foray into the world of travel with Expedia launched today. From the looks of the email that arrived today in my inbox, I’m not exactly jumping out of my seat just yet. For those of you like me who are always eager for a deeply discounted flight or a deal on some good travel gear, it doesn’t look like this is the service for you just yet.

Today’s offering was stacked full of hotel and spa deals, with choices including a $149 room at the Trump Plaza Hotel in Atlantic City (insert Trump joke here), or a $369-stay at Orlando’s Lake Buena Vista Resort Village & Spa (who’s theme, from the look of its picture, is some sort of Pirates of the Caribbean meets Celine Dion’s backyard).

I love the idea, just not in love with the execution. Until I start seeing 45% discounts on flights to South America for this winter, these emails are staying unopened. (Unless they actually offered a visit to Celine Dion’s backyard, in which case I’m game. Seriously, have you seen it? Her backyard makes most water parks look like a kiddie pool on a cement patio.)

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