Travel Channel Announces New Bourdain Travel Show

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Travel Channel announced today that it has greenlit production for The Layover, a new original series hosted by Anthony Bourdain (of, as if you didn’t know, No Reservations). The show is scheduled to premier at the end of this year, and will run for ten episodes, each an hour long.

So what could Tony possibly be doing in this new show that doesn’t encompass eating animal testicles and foraging for the best street meats of whatever city he happens to find himself? The new show is described as a “hyper-caffeinated, utilitarian take on the Bourdain travel experience,” involving him trekking through a city for only 24-48 hours in search for the essential “must see” places, people and foods. Sounds like there may still be testicles and street meats in the cards for us after all.

[Via Eater]

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