Is The TSA Going To Soon Allow You To Leave Your Shoes On?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

In what has got to be the greatest surprise bit of news I’ve heard since hearing that Arrested Development was going to be made into a movie, Poltico recently quoted Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano as saying that the shoes-off screening at American airport security lines may be on the chopping block.

“We are moving towards an intelligence and risk-based approach to how we screen,” Napolitano told Mike Allen during a morning forum at the Newseum. “I think one of the first things you will see over time is the ability to keep your shoes on. One of the last things you will [see] is the reduction or limitation on liquids.”

Great news for everyone who hates taking off their shoes at airports, bad news for those who like to pack economy-sized bottles of gel in the carry-ons (I’m looking at you New Jersey).


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