Exploring The San Francisco Of “Vertigo”

Friday, September 9, 2011

Vertigo would have to be my favorite Hitchcock film that doesn’t involve crossdressers or nazis. Despite the film starring two Hollywood powerhouses at the times — Jimmy Stewart and Kim Novak — the real star of the flick is arguable the city it’s set in, San Francisco. Has any movie played so crucial a role in a film since King Kong (or maybe Sex in the City)?

For those hardcore fans of Vertigo, the Sun-Times has this guide to exploring the San Francisco of the movie, including Hotel Vertigo (which appears in the movie but has only recently acquired that name), Fort Point at the base of the Golden Gate Bridge (where Madeleine hurls herself into the sea, and Scottie dives in to rescue her), and the the California Palace of the Legion of Honor (where Madeleine spends much time perusing art, and getting perused).

I might add, this self-guided tour is much less grueling than the King Kong tour which takes a great a deal of physical prowess and climbing ability.

[San Francisco by borenan/Flickr]

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