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Monday, September 19, 2011

Do you know what makes great in my eyes (besides the founder’s well-groomed and rugged beard)? It’s the fact that we accept submissions for feature articles from everyone. That’s right, whether you’re a seasoned travel writer with treks to the Hippie Trail in the ’70s and a long resume, or a first-time traveler who just left the country for the first time, we simply don’t care. What we care about is giving a voice and publishing writers (and non-writers) who have a great story to tell.

That being said, if you’d like more information, make sure to check out our Submissions page on details about submitting to the site including suggestions, be ready to get paid for your article, and get cracking on those stories.

On a side note, a friend of the site and past contributor (who shall remain nameless) confessed to me during a recent conversation that when he first visited the site, he thought the above picture (which is on the “Submission” page) was me. It was only after we met that he learned the truth. I have to say, though it’s never happened before, there is absolutely no one in in the world that I would take more pleasure in being mistaken for than Hemingway. The picture is staying put.

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