How To Fly Cheap To Europe This Fall

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Just in time for your recently depleted bank account (thank you new winter coat!), the NY Times decided to give you a few suggestions on how to find cheap flights this fall (and winter) to Europe. Of the six suggestions, the most useful is their first: Use a jump city.

As most people know, Europe is chock-full of discount airliners who can take you from the biggest cities to pretty much anywhere for minimal euros. So instead of paying more for a direct flight to your destination, try going through a closer, cheaper hub.

For example, flights from Paris to Rome via Ryanair are, believe it or not, only 32 euros. So instead of shelling out an extra few hundred dollars for that flight to Italy, explore flying into Paris first, hanging around for an extra day, and using Ryanair for the second leg of the trip. Come on, there’s got to be worse places to spend an extended layover, right?

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