What Is It Like Eating In The World’s Best Restaurant?

Friday, October 14, 2011


Back in April it was announced that for the second year running, Copenhagen-based Noma was the best restaurant in the world. What — you may wonder as you read this post over a steaming bowl of freshly prepared Ramen noodles — is it like exactly having a meal at the best restaurant in the world anyway? Do you receive between-course neck massages from a roaming band of masseuses? Freshly-slaughtered fowl tableside? Really, really good fried ice cream?

The SMH decided to see what all the fuss is about and check it out themselves, and it turns out it’s as good as they’ve ever had — all 12 courses of it. This includes your standard fare such as lightly fried reindeer moss dipped in creme fraiche (just like Mom used to make it!), egg and zucchini flowers in chive butter with foraged greens you cook yourself using a personal hotplate drizzled with hay oil, and onion with thyme and gooseberry juice.

All 12 courses, from the sea buckthorn leather and pickled rose hips to the leeks lightly fried in seaweed butter and the cookie with lardo and currant served in an old cookie tin, are eaten by hand, allowing a deeper sense of pleasure as well as connection with what’s on the plate


Four hours, 12 courses and three sweets later, I leave the restaurant in a state best described as “food drunk”. I return to my hotel to a slew of online queries from friends and colleagues about my meal.
They all ask the same thing, a question I can now answer with complete confidence: yes, Noma really is that good.

For reservations, be aware they are taken four months in advance only on a certain day once a month, during which as many as 55,000 people attempt to do the same thing via phone or the web.

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