Visiting The Best Libraries In The World

Friday, December 9, 2011


It’s obvious that you, avid reader of The Expeditioner, are not the type of traveler that withers away their time on the road taking part in such pedestrian travel activities such as lying around on the beach, hanging out at beach bars or taking leisurely walks down city paths. Instead, you are satiating your literary thirst by seeking out the best library in whatever city you’re in, and exploring the adorned stacks of periodicals and historic parchments of knowledge. Well, maybe you do a little of both.

For the literary travel types, MSNBC has this run-down of 5 of some of the coolest libraries in the world where the attraction is not so much the books themselves but the buildings where they are stored. Such as the new central library in Stuttgart, whose glowing blue exterior, all-white floors and staggered stairways make it appear that M.C. Escher designed the layout (in fact Korean architect Eun Young Yi was the architect). Check out an overhead shot of the interior here.

Others that made the list include Seattle’s Central library, London’s British Library, Copenhagen’s Royal Library and Dublin’s Trinity College Library.

Noticeably absent on the list is New York. And I’m not speaking about the obvious mention: New York’s Main Branch of the Public Library of Ghostbusters fame. Rather, I’d throw The Morgan Library and Museum’s 1906 library into the mix. Refurbished in 2010, the once private library of J.P. Morgan himself (of Occupy Wall Street fame) is now open to the public featuring Mr. Morgan’s extensive collection of ancient to modern works (see the above picture). Spend some time here and feel what it was really like to be a turn-of-the-century financial baron (in case you don’t already know the feeling).

The Morgan Library and Museum is open Tuesday through Sunday, and free Friday nights from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

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