Year In Review: The Expeditioner’s 2011 Travel Photography Contest Winners

Monday, January 2, 2012

japan snow fall

As 2011 wrapped up, things got a bit nostalgic around here. One of our recurring posts — as you may have noticed springing up at the beginning of each month — is the winning photograph chosen from our travel photography group at Flickr. Besides being one of the most kick-ass photo groups on Flickr, it is also a really awesome experience — for me at least — to go back and see the caliber of talent, all of the incredible shots and all the travel experiences right here from my finely-molded desk chair. It is the essence of travel through pictures that we created the group, and what we’ve seen submitted to the group blows our minds.

Below, we’ve provided the links to each of the winning posts from 2011. For those interested in the entire breadth of our photography winners, just click here for all the past winners.


About two years ago we created the group as a platform to help our readers share their photography from all over the world. In that time, we’ve begun a few forum discussions regarding travel and photography, helped a few photographers get published through our themed contests each month and seen some absolutely stunning shots. Just another day at the office, right?

For those of you new to Flickr, the site allows you to upload digital photos, videos and graphics. You can also make new contacts, join themed groups you are interested in or lose a few hours in the wonderland of photos found there.

There is a trial account, free of charge, in which you can upload a maximum of 200 photos. But that wouldn’t cover the last road trip you took, would it? Otherwise, for $25/year, you can become a “Pro” with unlimited storage. And it doesn’t matter if you have a disposable or a professional camera — come one, come all.

The Expeditioner group is aimed at travelers from every walk of life. As is the mission for the site, we urge others to travel; to inspire people to want to book a flight right away and head off somewhere in the world. We hope that you enjoy this look back at the amazing travel photography we featured from 2011. We sure did.

January: A Thai Pier Perspective

February: The World in Black and White

March: Montana’s Winter Streets

April: Finding Uniqueness on London’s Tower Bridge

May: Hanoi Eatery

June/July: Classic Western North America 

August: Rural India

September/October: South American Warmth

November: Cuzco’s Inti Raymi Festival

December: Japanese Snow Bikes

By Jon Wick


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