Turning That Mile-High Encounter Into A Zero-Mile Relationship

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


My guess is that the few days leading up to Valentine’s Day is probably the one day that Craigslist’s famed “Missed Connections” section actually sees a spike in traffic from people genuinely interested in the prospect of getting in touch with that “someone special” they met at a party but failed to ask for their number (or as the case is here in New York — getting in touch with that hottie that was eyeing you on the L train during rush hour who was too far away to strike up a conversation with). The other 362 days of the year, that section of the site is relegated for late-night post-bar entertainment for groups of people who’ve exhausted watching Youtube videos of funny cats and girls falling off of coffee tables. (HuffPo has a collection of a few choice selections, including the ever-romantic “You Dropped Your Bible and I Saw Your Thong – m4w” entry.)

In an effort to translate the success (?) of CL’s Missed Connections section, word comes of a new site, WeMetOnAPlane.com, which seeks to connect flirtatious row-mates after the flight is long over. Just enter your flight number and information and you’re one step away from turning that great conversation at 30,000 feet into an even better date back on ground. Clicking on the “Top Voted” from the site, it appears that Craiglist this is not, with amorous longings for pharmaceutical consultants in Australia, and Oregon Ducks fans on flights from Alaska seeking love.

Not a bad idea, and I wish them all best, but for the passive aggressive of us, what about a site where we can air our griveances about bad seat neighbors far from the bother of saying anything face-to-face? If I were to construct such a site, I’d probably call it YouTookYourShoesOffOnAPlane.com.

A sample entry would go something like this:

Panama (PTY) to New York, NY (EWR) Continental 1022: You were a large man, about 250 pounds, with a bushy mustache and a shirt that appeared to have been bough at Sears circa 1993. As soon as you sat down in the aisle seat — I was the guy next to the window in the grey sweatshirt — you proceeded to take off your shoes, shut your eyes and sleep for the next three hours. Despite being a good six feet from my nose, I could smell the odor emanating from your socks, yet despite my need to both go to the bathroom and get a whiff of fresh air, I sat in my seat and watched Mamma Mia and didn’t bother to wake you up. Please, if if you read this, keep your shoes on during the next flight, it’s really not that uncomfortable. Also, if you plan on sleeping, choose the window seat. Also, I have now had ABBA stuck in my head for a good two years, and I blame you.

— Nauseous in New York.

[Airplane by Jennifer Jones/Flickr]

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