Help Fund A New Travel Show (There May Be Arepas In It For You)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Last week I attended the launch of my friend Kate and Nora’s kickstarter campaign for their new foodie travel show, The Innocents Abroad (see the above video), a campaign in which they’re hoping to raise money to film even more epic and calorie-inducing episodes for use to pitch their show eventually to major networks.

As the girls describe it, The Innocents Abroad is a travel and food TV show where viewers get to know cultures through their culinary customs and specific dishes. Specifically, the ladies intend to barge their way into restaurants and kitchens around the world, and learn how to make traditional dishes, beginning from the marketplate and ending with the finished plate. “Through the course of their learning and misadventures, they and the viewers delve into the culture behind the food, discovering everything from the dish’s evolution to specific ingredients’ importance to how this culture connects over a meal.”

For $50 you’ll not only get an Associate Producer credit (like you don’t have enough of those already), but you’ll get a coveted invitation to their series launch party this September. And if their last event was any indication: There will be arepas.

But why stop there you cheapskate? For a measly $1,000 the ladies will come to your house and cook you and three friends a full meal. Provide a couple of bottles of wine and who knows where the night will take you? (Editor’s Note: That last sentence is neither a guarantee or agreement for any services beyond a cooked meal — creepy Craigslist men need not donate.)

Check out their Kickstarter campaign here, and the home page for Innocents Abroad (including an Arepa Mariscada recipe) here.

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