My Pictures From TBEX 2012

Thursday, June 21, 2012


You know what you’re not supposed to do on a magazine-style site that focuses on narrative travel pieces and blog entries about travel news and trends? The answer: post your personal vacation pictures.

I normally spare readers the pain of doing this, but when that vacation happens to include attending TBEX 2012 — the annual travel bloggers conference that features bloggers, travel industry folks, PR representatives, and scores of awkward encounters in which people say: I recognize you from your avatar — I can’t help it.

Luckily for me, this year the conference was held in my home state of Colorado, which is also the new home of The Expeditioner Contributing Editor Jenna Blumenfeld.


I was also able to convince longtime Contributing Editor Luke Armstrong to make the trip. Throw in a couple of high school buddies, the Mork and Mindy House (1619 Pine Street, Boulder Colorado),’s Kelley Ferro, a ski lodge/condo rented by Vagabondish’s Mike Richard, a mountaintop gala featuring burger-shaped desserts, a Western-themed BBQ, and a whole slew of travel bloggers, and I can’t even begin to condense the trip into a few select pictures.

That being said, I’ve collected them all into a handy Flickr set, which can be found by clicking here. View them, make a rotating computer desktop slideshow, or send me an angry e-mail for taking too many pictures, but hopefully you’ll enjoy them and perhaps consider attending the 2013 edition.

[TBEX 2012 by Matt Stabile/Flickr]

  • Glad I’m not the only one with close to 200 pictures from 2.5 days!! Mine are much more landscape than people, though. Thank you for your wonderful presentation at TBEX, as well as the advice you gave me after about setting up an LLC and what to do when the big dogs come after you for slander. :)

    • TheExpeditioner

      Ha, you too suffer from that affliction that causes one to take way too many pictures while traveling? Thanks for coming to the presentation, and hopefully I can do it again next year.

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