[Travel Video] Cooking Demo At Sasi Thai Restaurant, Cancun, Mexico (Green Tea Smoked Salmon)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

In this video chef William Lafontaine, executive chef at Sasi Thai, shows me how to cook his specialty dish, Green Tea Smoked Salmon. Sasi Thai is located at the CasaMagna Marriott, Cancun, Mexico, a hotel Marriott graciously put me up in so that I could make this video.

In an effort to keep up with my theme of video titles, I was thinking of calling this video: “The Expeditioner’s Guide to Smoked Salmon.” But that just doesn’t make any sense. It also would likely make people not want to click on the video due to the title alone.

Other titles I played around with were as follows:

“When Matt Met Salmon”

“Matt Versus the Salmon”


“The Chef, the Blogger, and the Salmon”

“The Salmon Strikes Back”

“The Passion of the French-Canadian Chef”

I went with something a little more prosaic instead.

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