Submit Your Mini-Saga — Win Awesome Travel Gear [Writing Contest]

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

You like to write and you like to wear clothes while traveling. Now is your chance to combine both of your true loves.

The Expeditioner is happy to announce the “Scottevest Mini-Saga Giveaway”, where one talented mini-saga author will win an awesome ScotteVest travel vest just for doing a little travel writing ($125 value!).

So what exactly is a mini-saga?

A mini-saga is a travel story that consists of exactly 50 words. Not 49, not 51 — exactly 50. Just like Twitter limits tweets to 160 characters, we’re implementing this contraint to find out exactly how much of a story you can tell using exactly 50 words.

Send your mini-saga to [email protected] by August 13, 2012 (two weeks from today), and the best will be chosen and posted to The Expeditioner’s Facebook page (in the order that they are received). Then, the author that receives the most “likes” over the next two weeks wins, it’s as easy as that. The winner will be announced August 27, 2012.

Need a little inspiration? Here are three examples of mini-sagas to give you an idea of what we’re looking for.

Moroccan Trainride

On the train in Morocco, the scenery directed my thoughts. A man across the cabin splits his apple in half to share with me. I take it, happier with his generosity than the snack. We talk with our mouths full. His name is Hassad. He’s going to bury his father.

Montreal Bar

In a Montreal bar, someone says that my French is good. The man outside tells me I cannot speak French. I tell him I’m German, refusing to switch to English, pretending I don’t understand. I remember my mantra, “In order to speak a language well, you must speak it poorly.”

Beggars in New York

“Do you have a cigarette?” she asked me. I didn’t. “Do you have some spare change?” I did, but I said I didn’t. She turned away and boarded the Q train. Later, as I emptied my pocket of change into a beggar’s cup, I wondered, why him and not her?


[Please note, this contest is only open to residents of the U.S. and Canada]

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