Attempting To Understand What It Meant [Travel Video]

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Last November we posted a great video of Ha Long Bay made by a member of our Vimeo travel video group named simply “Asintrip TV.”

The makers of the video followed up with me last week to let me know they wrapped up their trip from Southeast Asia and made a “best-of” video attempting to encapsulate their adventure. As was the case with their last video, this one features some amazing shots and a poetic narrative. (And if you’re wondering about that haunting soundtrack, it’s composed by Hans Zimmer for Inception.)

Turns out Asiatrip TV is actually a group made up of Florian, Sarah, Romain, Jules, Paul, Louis, Sophie, Bruno, Paul, Thierry, Cécilia, Laure, Alice and Vicente, who were mostly living in Singapore over the stretch of five months, but were able to make sojourns to Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand and Malaysia while there. And as evidenced above, we’re lucky they did.

[Vimeo “Travel Videos” Group]

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