Travel Blogger Makes Time’s 25 Best Blogs 2012 List

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Congrats to Earl Baron of the eponymously named site who made Time’s 2012 25 Best Blogs List this year (in 2011 The Everywhereist made the list, and in 2010 it was Everything-Everywhwere).

For those of you unaware of Earl’s site, it’s focused on his 13-year-and-counting trek around the world, which has included over 83 countries and 6 continents (including Iraq back in 2011 which we wrote about here).

How does one travel indefinitely like that? No surprise  Earl gets that question nearly every day, and wrote an entire article detailing his various jobs, ventures and online sales that helped fuel his travels over the last decade, including stints as a substitute teacher and cruise Tour Manager. He’s now primarily focused on the promotion of his various e-books and affiliate marketing sales through his site to help keep the dream alive.

[Time’s 2012 Best Blogs List]

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