Did You Get Your Ticket Yet For The Women’s Travel Fest?

Sunday, March 2, 2014


Travel, women, a New York City festival: even just one of these themes should make any normal human want to attend a festival. But combine all three and it’s a no-brainer.

This March 8, 2014, is the Women’s Travel Fest, taking place in New York City, a one-day event whose aim is to inspire women to take on the world and find more meaning in their travels. The festival has an amazing lineup of speakers, including Samantha Brown, Sonia Gil and Sarah Shourd, amongst many others (see the full list here).

The idea for the Women’s Travel Fest was realized after Kelly Lewis, founder of Go! Girl Guides (which publishes travel guidebooks made just for women), moved to New York city after a cross-country book tour.

“I was able to meet some incredible women from all over the country while on tour who came out to talk travel with us,” Lewis said. “Each night I would leave with goose bumps — the electricity that came from gathering women to talk about seeing the world was just incredible. It was then I realized I wanted to do this on a bigger level.”

Tickets are on sale for $75, and may be purchased here. And if you’re thinking of waiting to the last minute to commit, don’t. I spoke to organizer Kelly Lewis yesterday, and though 350 tickets were initially put on sale, they’ve almost run out and only a handful of tickets are left.

She was also quick to note that the event is not, I repeat not, closed off to men, and any and all genders are encouraged to attend. (I will be one of the the males representing our species on the 8th, so please come say “Hi” and make me feel less awkward.)

By Matt Stabile



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