33 Reasons To Visit India

Sunday, May 12, 2013

1) Because rush hour here is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

27 Reasons to Visit India (Calcutta)

2) And no matter what day it is, you’re likely going to see a parade.

27 Reasons to Visit India

3) Because eating fresh isn’t a lifestyle choice, it’s the norm.

27 Reasons to Visit India

4) And this is what your grocery store looks like.

27 Reasons to Visit India(Bodhgaya)

5) Because the British left behind some amazing buildings . . .

27 Reasons to Visit India(Writers’ Building)

6)  . . . and so did the Muslims . . .

27 Reasons to Visit India(Bara Imambara)

7)  . . . as well as the Mughals.

27 Reasons to Visit India(Humayun’s Tomb)

8) Because toilets are incredibly simple (it’s what you do when you’re done that’s confusing).

27 Reasons to Visit India

9) Because you may find enlightenment anywhere, even your hotel.

27 Reasons to Visit India(Bodhi Tree Guest House, Calcutta)

10) Or at the exact spot where the Buddha did.

27 Reasons to Visit India(Bodhi Tree, Bodhgaya)

11) In India, the only thing that seems to outnumber the people are the number of temples (almost).

27 Reasons to Visit India

12) For many children here, going to school means going to monastery.

27 Reasons to Visit India

13) This is how their day is spent . . .

27 Reasons to Visit India

14) . . . and this is what what their classroom looks like.

27 Reasons to Visit India

15) Here, the real heros are the motorcycles.

27 Reasons to Visit India

16) In India, they know how to put the “mass” in mass transportation.

27 Reasons to Visit India

17) Sometimes it seems like around every corner, you run into a religious ceremony.

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18) Some including fire . . .

27 Reasons to Visit India

19) . . . and others involving water.

27 Reasons to Visit India

20) Perfume shopping is done a little differently here.

27 Reasons to Visit India

21) Cows are pretty much everywhere you go . . .

27 Reasons to VIsit India

22) . . . and so are dogs (they’re just not loved as much).

27 Reasons to Visit India

23) The River Ganges is a great place to take a bath at the end of the day . . . .

27 Reasons to Visit India(Varanasi)

24) . . . as well as in the morning.

27 Reasons to Visit India

25) Because it’s only sunrises like these that can make any sane person get up at 4:30 in the morning.

27 Reasons to Visit India

26) India was home to the 20th century’s most revered person.

27 Reasons to Visit India

27) In India, kids are everywhere, and they love having their picture taken.

27 Reasons to Visit India

27 Reasons to Visit India


28) Even when you’re in the same country, you sometimes feel like you’re in a different world.

27 Reasons to Visit India(Darjeeling)

29) And prayer flags never get old.

27 Reasons to Visit India

30) Because border crossings are like something out of a movie . . .

27 Reasons to Visit India(India/Nepal border — Singalila Ridge)

31) . . . and so are the hiking trails.

27 Reasons to Visit India

32) But with views like this in the morning . . .

27 Reasons to Visit India(Mt. Kangchenjunga, the 3rd-highest mountain in the world)

33) Chances are, you’ll never want to leave.

27 Reasons to Visit India(Mt. Everest)

By Matt Stabile



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  • Manvinder Jaat

    welcome to india proud to be indian a country with great diversity

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  • I listened to permit all his info, and very menagsikan when I listened to his ino, thank you.

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  • acruisingcouple

    Love this list-a reminder of all the things I loved about India. You just need a picture of the super-spicy curries and chai tea! Although I’m sure you could probably go on about a million reasons to visit India in the end :-)

    • TheExpeditioner

      Oh man, I miss the chai so much in the morning. I think I actually don’t have a picture (just video), but that may make a good Part Two list entry.

  • that toilet is too damn clean!!! hahahaha! and i shudder dipping into the waters of ganges!

    • TheExpeditioner

      Ha, yeah I lucked out with that toilet. Not sure I would’ve wanted to post a dirty one though . . .

  • Atul Khatri

    I’m sorry, but Mt. Everest is not in India. It is in Nepal.

    • TheExpeditioner

      True, but I saw while on the border if India and Nepal.

  • I haven’t visited India, There’s much more to see in India as much as I thought. Thanks for sharing this information.

    • TheExpeditioner

      And this is just the tip of the iceberg, that’s the crazy part.

  • flip

    made me miss India… i just spent 5 months last year and now thinking of ging back. :-)

  • India has so much to offer that d list actually is endless…!

    • TheExpeditioner

      So true Shashank, this could easily by 99 or more . . .

      • Rajesh Rana


  • I thought there was a chicken dish on that school day schedule. Disappointed that I misread it.

    Great picture of the dog, too.

    • TheExpeditioner

      Ha, definitely no chicken being served there.

  • Angela

    I wish I had tea time in my school schedule! Very fun post. I must go to India soon.

    • Neil

      You are welcome

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