The Top 50 Travel Blogs (2nd Quarter: 2013)

Monday, July 29, 2013


Below is a list of the top 50 travel blogs for the 2nd quarter (April – June) of 2013 ranked by visitor traffic. Update: Click here for The Top 50 Travel Blogs (3rd Quarter: 2013).

There are a few other sites that have put together their own lists of the “top” travel blogs. However, each has their own subjective means of ranking sites, using everything from Alexa scores, Twitter followers, Facebook likes, estimated traffic, inbound Google links and even subjective design criteria.

My intention was to create the most objective and accurate list of the most popular travel blogs. Therefore, this list is based solely on the number of visitors a travel blog receives. To read more about how this list was put together, please read below.

Top 50 Travel Blogs (Q2: 2013)


1 Y Travel Blog +1
2 A Luxury Travel Blog +2
3 Go Nomad 0
4 Migrationology –3
5 Travel Dudes n/a
6 Wandering Earl 0
7 Wild Junket –2
8 Adventurous Kate +1
9 Go Backpacking –1
10 Leave Your Daily Hell 0
11 Twenty-Something Travel +2
12 OttsWorld 0
13 Legal Nomads +1
14 Never Ending Voyage –3
15 Imperator Travel +2
16 The Vacation Gals 0
17 Travel Mamas +1
18 Ordinary Traveler +6
19 InACents +7
20 Four Jandals n/a
21 Turkish Travel Blog +10
22 Hole In The Donut Cultural Travel +1
23 Finding The Universe –1
24 Traveling Canucks –5
25 2 Backpackers –4
26 Have Baby Will Travel +18
27 Wandering Educators 0
28 EscapeArtistes +8
29 Medellin Living +1
30 Brendan’s Adventures –1
31 Yomadic n/a
32 The Expeditioner +8
33 Changes in Longitude +4
34 That Backpacker n/a
35 Amateur Traveler –2
36 Around The World L +3
37 A Little Adrift –4
38 My Yatra Diary +11
39 Inspiring Travelers n/a
40 Desi Traveler n/a
41 Man on the Lam n/a
42 Nomadic Notes 0
43 Adventures By Daddy +7
44 Never Ending Footsteps –1
45 Travel Wonders Of The World n/a
46 Heather On Her Travels –11
47 Breathe Dream Go –6
48 Alex In Wanderland
49 Monkeys & Mountains –15
50 Travelogged n/a


I reached out to a large sampling of travel bloggers and asked that they provide me with a screenshot of their Google Analytics page reflecting their site’s visitor statistics over the most recent quarter. The reasoning behind this method was that I wanted to obtain a rolling average to compensate for monthly spikes that may have occurred. Further, utilizing Google Analytics as the uniform measure of traffic helped to ensure uniformity of data across all sampling.

Of course, due to this method of collecting data, only those site owners that submitted their statistics were included for consideration in the rankings. Those that did not submit were not considered. Further, in an effort to maximize the number of participants and to protect specific traffic numbers that some site owners regard as sensitive and private, I agreed to keep all specific data confidential and not include those numbers in the rankings.

Why This Metric?

Simple, it’s the most accurate, best picture of a site’s traffic. As everyone knows, Alexa is not very accurate and can be easily manipulated. Inbound links are a great sign of SEO, but just because a site does well with Google doesn’t mean it has a lot of visitors. Twitter followers are great, but that doesn’t necessarily translate into site readers.

Quite simply, unique visitors is the one metric that most accurately reflects a site’s readership.

Who Cares?

I understand that just because a site gets a high number of unique visitors doesn’t mean it’s the highest quality site. There are plenty of excellently written, well-designed, engaging sites that may not have high traffic numbers.

My intention was not to create a list of the best, or the most useful, or the most professional travel blogs. I simply wanted to create the most accurate list of the most visited blogs. Just as the movie weekend box office results are reported every week, I simply wanted to create an unbiased, objective list of the most visited travel blogs for research purposes.

Finally, I hope this list will serve as a useful guide and a good starting point for travelers and readers around the world looking to explore the vibrant and eclectic travel blogging community, and expose them to some great travel blogs that they otherwise may not be reading.


If you are a travel blogger who would like to be considered for inclusion in the 2013 3rd quarter list, please e-mail me a screenshot of your Google Analytics page reflecting your site’s overall traffic from July 1 – September 30 to:


The Top 50 Travel Blogs (1st Quarter: 2013)

By Matt Stabile



Matt Stabile Bio PictureMatt Stabile is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of You can read his writings, watch his travel videos, purchase the book he co-edited or contact him via email at any time at (@TheExpeditioner)

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  • Freshgrub

    Visits are facts. Agreed.

  • Justyna | Well, I don’t really see a connection. Most of the more popular blogs seem to be about the writing and the traveler, and less to do with a particular locations (just read through the list and you’ll see what I mean). That being said, SE Asia is quite cheap, so it’s not surprising you’ll see a correlation between bloggers and the region (mor say, then, Scandinavia where the life of a backpacking travel blogger tends to be a little more difficult).

  • @mattstabile do you think there’a any connection between traffic those blogs get and destinations they write about? I have a feeling like 90% of travel bloggers white about East or South-East Asia. I know it’s cheap there but I have a feeling like the rest of the world is a little underrated… And you can’t say it’s less beautiful.

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    How can I get my site added to your list for consideration?

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    This is really encouraging to see several of my travel blogger role models on this list. I am sure some day I shall be on the list.

  • To be considered for your 3rd quarter, see Anne Donovan’s blog (my wife) It’s about our family’s one year adventure around the world.

    • mattstabile

      Thanks, please see the last paragraph for instructions on how to submit next quarter.

  • Homeless Goomba

    Where’s nomadic matt? Apologies if he’s there and I didn’t see him.

    • mattstabile

      Matty boy didn’t bother to submit his statistics this time around, but he’s assured me his throwing his hat in the ring for the third quarter.

  • Harry

    A new and exciting project called MayaBrain is using podcast interviews and blogs between two travellers who are literally on opposite sides of the planet :)

  • How many unique visitors do these blogs have per month? My travel blog has about 30,000 – 40,000 unique visitors per month. Do you think I have a chance?

    • mattstabile

      As I detail above, I can not release statistics, but I do encourage you and anyone else to submit for the third quarter (after September 30).

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    I suggest It is a great blog to travelers.

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    We might not be at that point just yet, we only started mid July. But with hope one day we’ll be up there;

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    great list but you’re missing world of wanderlust ;)

    • mattstabile

      Ah, well I’d love for you to submit then at the end of the month. Please see the instructions at the bottom of the post.

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    It is great Listing. Many thanks for sharing it.

  • Suman

    Wow !

    It is great Listing. Many thanks for sharing it.

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