The One Portable iPhone Charger You Need This Christmas Season

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Power Skin

We all know the week after Thanksgiving is the traditional time period spent dragging out the Christmas tree from the attic storage, hitting the treadmill in retribution from countless turkey dinners the week before, and experiencing the oncoming dread of having to begin figuring out what exactly you’re going to shop for come December 23 when you finally realize you literally can’t delay your Christmas shopping any longer.

In an effort to cut down on this anxiety and to give you some ideas as to what to start stockpiling for all your loved ones this Christmas season, I decided to share one of my favorite gadgets that was sent over to me recently: the PowerSkin Pop’n iPhone charger.

Really, what better way to show how much you care for the ones closest to you then to give them the one essential tool that will ensure they never lose the ability to contact you (or tweet you, tag you on Instagram or send you eggnog-induced texts telling you how much you mean to them)?

Like most of the best inventions in the world, the PowerSkin Pop’n utilizes patented suction-adhering technology, allowing the thin charger to suction onto the back of your iPhone for an easy-to-hold, seamlessly integrated charging experience. This means you don’t have to worry about any dangling cords or having to awkwardly juggle around two different devices.

With a 4000 mAh battery and 2.1 amp charger, the PoP’n 2 charges your phone faster than pretty much all the other battery packs on the market. Plus, while you’re fumbling around with your phone getting it charged up, you can rest assured that it will be protected by the chargers’s reinforced plastic shell plastic.

Power Skin2

The charger is available online for the very reasonable price of $49.00 for the iPhone 4 – 5, and $69.00 for the iPhone 6, and is available in black, white, red and pink models. To check out all of the various models and to stock up on a few for your friends and family (oh, and maybe one for yourself too), visit here.


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