The 10 Cheapest Cities To Visit In Europe For 2013

Thursday, January 31, 2013


For the third year in a row, has released their European Backpacker Index (yes, you read that right economics majors), a list that ranks European cities by their cheapness. The list includes such variables as hostel bunk prices, local transportation costs, budget meals, attraction rates and, of course, local beer prices. Doing so, the index comes up with a daily bottom-line price for traveling to specific cites (if visiting that city necessitates drinking three local beers a day and staying in hostel bunks).

Coming in as the cheapest is Bucharest, Romania, where they estimate a penny-pinching backpacker can get by on as little as $23.38 a day. Coming in as the second cheapest is Sofia, Bulgaria ($24.43), followed by Krakow, Poland ($25.06), Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina ($25.74) and Kiev, Ukraine ($25.06).

The full list of the 10 cheapest cities is as follows:

1) Bucharest, Romania
2) Sofia, Bulgaria
3) Krakow, Poland
4) Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
5) Kiev, Ukraine
6) Riga, Latvia
7) Belgrade, Serbia
8) Budapest, Hungary
9) Warsaw, Poland
10) Zagreb, Croatia

And what if you’re in the mood for blowing your budget at rates three or four times that of the previously mentioned cities? Well, no surprise here: Zurich, Oslo, Venice, Stockholm and Helsinki are all ranked as the continent’s most expensive cities.

The full list of the 10 most expensive cities is as follows:

38) Edinburgh, Scotland
39) Copenhagen, Denmark
40) Brussels, Belgium
41) London, England
42) Amsterdam, Netherlands
43) Helsinki, Finland
44) Stockholm, Sweden
45) Venice, Italy
46) Oslo, Norway
47) Zurich, Switzerland

[Bucharest by Mario Sánchez Prada/Flickr]

By Matt Stabile



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