The Expeditioner YouTube Channel: 1,000,000 Views And Counting

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


The Expeditioner Travel Video YouTube Channel had a nice little milestone this past weekend (January 25, 2014) when the channel broke the 1,000,000-view mark, a mark that was met after about six years to the month when I posted the first of the 43 videos I’ve uploaded to the channel (and yes, the early videos are a bit painful to watch now).

I’d like to think this was fueled by the world’s insatiable desire for video footage of my well-manicured beard, or perhaps global interest in what I eat for lunch while traveling, but in all reality, this was likely mostly driven by people’s interest in the areas of the world that I have visited during the last few years (an interest I obviously share), and I’m happy to have helped take those people there.

Hopefully I’ve helped shaped one or two people’s planned trips along the way, or even better, have helped influence someone’s decision on where to travel to next. Ultimately, I hope I’ve helped inspire some people to save their money and avoid buying that expensive pair of shoes and instead putting that hard-earned money toward a plane ticket to somewhere they’ve never been before. Shoes are temporary, but memories are forever.

Though my travel plans are somewhat in the air for the foreseeable future, I do intend on making videos in the future — I just have too much fun making them — I just don’t know where yet. And of course, I’m also still open to any and all television or feature film opportunities in case any motivated producers or casting agents are reading this. Please e-mail my agent at [email protected]

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By Matt Stabile


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